6 Kitchen Features Somerset County Homebuyers Can’t Resist

6 Kitchen Features Somerset County Homebuyers Can’t Resist

With today’s clamoring for open floor plans, the kitchen is becoming and more integrated with family life. In many Somerset County homes, the kitchen pulls double-duty as both food reservoir and social hub—and Somerset County homebuyers eat that up!

Toss some of these features into your kitchen’s mix to wow Somerset County homebuyers.

  1. Freestanding Banquet Seating

Want to offer your Somerset County homebuyers the best of both worlds when it comes to family dinner? Freestanding banquet seating has all the comfort of eating on the couch and the warm, classy ambiance of a traditional family dinner.

Freestanding banquet seating comes in many different styles. Choose a style that blends into the rest of your kitchen, whether that is a sleek, leather minimalist look or a floral patterned throwback to your cottage style.

And the best part? If Somerset County homebuyers aren’t into a sofette at the table, the seating is freestanding. It can be moved to another part of the house.

  1. Built-In Banquette Seating

If you love the idea of banquet seating and you aren’t shy of commitment, go ahead and install built-in banquet seating. Built-in banquette seating offers all the same perks as freestanding banquet seating—and, as a bonus, you can build storage cubbies in under the seating.

  1. Window Nook

A seat under a window is a treasure in any part of the house, but there’s something especially potent about the charm of a kitchen window nook. Imagine brewing a fresh cup of tea and curling up in your kitchen window seat—or looking out over your verdant veggie patch while chowing down on some homegrown salad.

  1. Bar-Height Furniture

Bar-height furniture is one of the quickest ways to, literally, elevate your style. Kitchen furniture tends to run along parallel lines. A light variation in height can please the eye. Plus, Somerset County homebuyers will love the feel of having a bird’s eye view over the kitchen.

There are lots of options for adding bar-height furniture to your kitchen. A bar-height counter, with bar stools, can give a luxurious feel. If you don’t have the funds for renovating your counters and cabinets, you can always pop a pub table in the corner.

  1. Kitchen Island

It may be called an island, but don’t be fooled; in no way is a kitchen island secluded or functionally adrift. In fact, islands often become the kitchen mecca—perfect for food prep, after school snacks, and even family board game nights. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to remind Somerset County homebuyers of all the uses of your island.

  1. Mix and Match Finishes

Who says that white cabinets mandate that your kitchen table should be white? For that matter, who says that white cabinets on one wall mandate that all the other walls should have white cabinets as well?

Break the generic, matchy-matchy kitchen mold, and your kitchen is sure to stand out in Somerset County homebuyers’ memories. Try pairing a cherry kitchen island surrounded by walls of white cabinets. Use an eclectic blend of seat cushions. If there’s any element of your kitchen that you want to emphasize, make it pop by giving it a unique finish.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your Somerset County home’s value before it goes on the market, look no further than your kitchen. Kitchen renovations consistently top the charts for best return-on-investment.

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