How to Use Open Shelving Around Your Bridgewater House

How to Use Open Shelving Around Your Bridgewater House

Have you found that you are running out of storage options around your Bridgewater house? Your cabinets are full, your closets are full, and you aren’t sure where to go from there. Open shelving is an ideal storage solution that can be used in any room of the house. It not only answers the problem of where to keep everything, but it can help you save time by putting commonly used items at your fingertips.


The kitchen is one of the first places that people think about when they hear “open shelving.” It is beneficial in the kitchen because it keeps the dishes you use the most in the easiest location to get to. Open shelving also helps to break up the look of long rows of cabinets on your wall. It works best when all of your displayed items are uniform. A mismatch of plates kept in open shelving racks can give off a cluttered look instead of clean and crisp.


Storage options in the bathroom tend to be limited, so open shelving can be a big benefit. A small shelf near your sink with glass jars can provide a place for you to keep everyday items like cotton balls and cotton swabs. You can also utilize the wall space over your toilet with several rows of shelving. If you have storage room for your other items you can use this space for a few décor items that will help create a peaceful space that you enjoy getting ready for your day in. Homeowners with cats will want to be careful with this option as their curious pet might end up with access to these items.


Open shelving in a bedroom not only provides additional storage space, but it can replace the need for artwork to be display on your walls. If you have a chair or love seat in a corner of your room, try adding a few rows of open shelving in the area. You can use it to display your books, picture frames, or you can keep a few decorative boxes on the shelves that are able to hide away other items, like photographs.

You can also decide to forgo using a headboard to add extra shelving. If you go this route you will want to thoroughly test what level you are putting the shelves at before installing. Make sure you are able to get into and out of bed without bumping your head. You also want to check that you can sit up in bed to read without the shelving being in the way.

Dining Room

Years ago the majority of homeowners had an elegant china cabinet that they kept in their dining room displaying and holding their dishes. That is not the case in many homes around the country any more. If you need a storage solution in a dining room and don’t want to take up a lot of space, use open shelving. You can store items, display items, and create a focal point all at the same time.

When using open shelving, in any room of the Bridgewater house, it is important to not overcrowd the shelves. People tend to cram items into a cabinet until it can no longer hold anything else; when using open shelving you want to be purposeful with where you place items. If you have several rows of shelves in an area, place things strategically to give an uncrowded and balanced appearance.

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