Is Staging Your Somerville Home Worth It?

Is Staging Your Somerville Home Worth It?

There is no doubt about it, staging your Somerville home when you are selling it helps it look its best. The purpose of Somerville home staging is to showcase your house the best way possible and to help buyers to picture themselves living there. The process is an effective one, but it can also be costly.

So, the seller is left to decide if the benefit of staging their Somerville home is worth the added expense.

What Somerville Home Staging Is

Somerville home stagers will come to your house and give you an initial consultation. The price can range for this service from $250 to $750. The stager will walk through your house and provide you with a list of things that should be completed. From this point you can decide to do the work yourself, or to take full advantage of the stager’s services.

According to the Real Estate Stagers Association, partially staging a house that already has some furniture in it will cost anywhere from $700 to $4,800 for a two month contract. If you have already vacated the property, the costs will run you between $975 and $5,500 for every month. The stager will use some of these funds to bring in rental furniture, artwork, and other items to create a space that buyers will love.

How Staging Helps a Seller

A properly staged Somerville house will photograph well for the listing pictures. Listings with high quality photos get more attention online, which entices more buyers to want to schedule showings to see your house. When a buyer is walking through your staged Somerville home they will be able to picture what it will be like to live in the house. The furniture and finishes will nicely showcase the house in the best light.

Staging also helps detract from areas of your house that you don’t want to stand out to buyers, like small cracks and dents. While a buyer is appreciating the beauty and appeal of each room, they are not noticing all of those minor issues.

There are endless stories and studies that show that on average, staged homes sell faster and for more money than homes that have not been staged.

Reasons Not to Stage

While there are many benefits to home staging, there are also professionals that do not think sellers need to spend the money on staging, or at least on all the time. Many real estate agents help their buyers to see past the staging and personal belongings to see the true bones of the house. This might take away from the work that staging is trying to accomplish in your house.

There are also studies that show staging is not as effective as some people think. One 2015 study by the Journal of Housing Research tested 800 people and found that staging rarely made a difference on the value they placed on a house.

The one thing we know for a fact is that homebuyers are looking for houses that are as close to move-in ready as possible. The nicer a house is, the more interest buyers will have in it. If you can’t afford a home stager, do your best to complete the work yourself. Repair areas that need to be fixed, put on a fresh coat of paint, declutter and arrange your furniture in a way to highlight the focal point in each room. Whether, you pay a stager or do some work yourself, buyers will appreciate it and it can’t hurt the sale of your Somerville home.

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