The Ins and Outs of Painting a Branchburg Home’s Accent Wall

The Ins and Outs of Painting a Branchburg Home’s Accent Wall

Are you bored with the look of your room? If you are ready to add in some color, but are leery about covering all the walls, an accent wall is the way to go. It allows you to test putting color in a room, by only committing one wall to it, which makes it easy to change if you don’t like it. It also creates an added focal point for your room.

However, it isn’t always as easy as it seems. Picking the right wall and the right color are key to a successful accent wall.

Use the Focal Point

When painting an accent wall, you want to choose the natural focal point of the room. For example, if you have a fireplace that steals the show in your living room, then paint the wall around it. Find the wall where your eye naturally goes and what you want to highlight.

Use What You Love

Look around your room and find the item that you like the most. It could the design on your throw pillows or the rug in the front of your fireplace. Whatever the item is, choose one and then choose the color you like the most from it. When you choose your accent wall color from the items already in your room you help to create a cohesive space.

Don’t Go Bold

When the idea of accent walls first became popular years ago, it was usually a bold red wall. Today’s trend is to choose colors that are muted. You don’t need to avoid color, but it is recommended that you avoid the bold colors when starting out. Try picking a blue, green, yellow or lavender color.

Selecting the Wall

You accent wall should be the wall in your room with the natural focal point as discussed above. But, there are some rooms that don’t have a real focal point. When that is the case there are a few rules that usually hold true: avoid walls with doors or window and pick the wall with the shortest width that is furthest from where you enter the room. Avoid choosing one of the longer walls in the room as it tends to make the room seem smaller.

Avoid Matching

You want the room to have a cohesive look, but you don’t want to match too much. Select a color that compliments your focal point, but do not try to match the color exactly. If you took inspiration from an art piece or pattern on a piece of furniture, do not choose the color that is used for the majority of the item.

Use Painter’s Tape

Many Branchburg homeowners decide to skip using painter’s tape when painting a room because it can be time consuming. Straight, clean lines matter when painting an accent wall. Take the time to carefully place your painters tape and then use the pro tip of sealing it in.

After you have placed the tape on your wall, paint on the edge of the tape on your accent wall side with the paint from the remainder of the room. Once that dries you can begin painting with your accent color. This assures that the accent wall color will not bleed through the tape.

Using these tips can help you add an accent wall into your room that you will love. Choose the wall carefully, choose the paint carefully, and then jump in. In the end, if you hate the color, you can always try again with another.

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