Top 3 Ways to Update Your Traditional Hillsborough Home

Top 3 Ways to Update Your Traditional Hillsborough Home

We love our traditional Hillsborough homes. When Hillsborough homeowners are looking to purchase a house, many want the character and charm that an older traditional Hillsborough home provides. We love the details and craftsmanship that was used when these houses were built. These houses have a feel to them that is hard to duplicate in a modern build.

However, there are some common characteristics of a traditional Hillsborough home that we aren’t so crazy about. Many of the homes are more closed off than the open floor plans of newer homes. It can be confusing to find a way to add a modern feel without losing the character and sophistication of the traditional Hillsborough home.

  1. Brighten the Rooms

Older houses tend to have darker rooms. The rooms might be smaller, or more closed off and do not allow in a lot of natural lighting. Traditional Hillsborough homes used darker stained woods and paint colors (or wallpaper). One way to update your Hillsborough home to modern day is to brighten the walls and finishes. Paint the walls and trim with a bright white or neutral color. This helps to lighten the room and give smaller rooms more of an airy feel.

  1. Increase Your Natural Lighting

One way to really open up the feel of the small rooms in a traditional Hillsborough home is to add natural lighting. Installing more windows, or larger windows will allow more light into the room, creating a more open feel. Adding skylights in the kitchen or bathrooms helps to provide light in areas where it is needed the most.

The addition, a picture window in the front of the house or French doors leading to the back deck help provide lots of lighting and additional views from inside. If you have the funds to build a sunroom it can be a sophisticated way to modernize and open up your house.

Bringing in additional lighting to an older home not only helps to make rooms seem larger, but provides extra lighting in homes that are typically lacking overhead lights.

  1. Give a Modern Pop with Contrast

To create a modern or contemporary feel in your traditional Hillsborough home, consider adding contrasting finishes. In your kitchen and bathrooms use contrasting metals for the faucets and hardware. If you have a nickel faucet switch out your knobs and pulls to add a chrome finish.

The classic black and white contrast mixes timeless and modern together all at once. Whatever option you choose, using contrasting materials, colors or metals will help to being a modern feel to your home without losing the character and charm that made you fall in love with it in the first place.

Try using some or all of these ideas to help bring a modern or contemporary feel to your traditional Hillsborough home. It is a great way to hold onto that charm, while still having a space that helps you excel in your modern day life. You can show off your personality in your décor without losing the character of your house.

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