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5 DIY Tricks Every Basking Ridge Homeowner Should Know

5 DIY Tricks Every Basking Ridge Homeowner Should Know

The words “home maintenance” often conjure up nightmares of septic system backups or roof re-shingling projects for a Basking Ridge homeowner. In reality, your home’s need for day-to-day maintenance far outweighs its need for major renovations. By keeping abreast of minor maintenance issues, you might even be able to avert catastrophe.

Here are 10 tricks every Basking Ridge homeowner should keep in your home maintenance arsenal:

  1. Spackle

When you shift around your décor items, you will leave a trail of abandoned nail holes in your wall. Always have spackle on hand when you change up your décor. Use the paste to fill the old holes immediately, before you get distracted by life. Then let the spackle dry, sand it down, and daub it with paint. There will be no trace of the hole!

  1. Sticky hooks

Better yet, you could avoid making holes in your wall altogether. Use hooks with sticky backs to hang artwork, pots and pans, your beach hat collection. Just make sure to pick the proper mount for your item. There are weight limits for different hooks.

  1. Door hinge fixes

Good doors make good cohabitants.

If you have a door that doesn’t want to stay shut, you can fix it by putting a bend in the hinge pin. Position a nail under the middle hinge pin and gently hammer up, so the pin comes loose. Hammer the pin gently at its middle to create a bend. Then, reinsert the pin. The friction from the bent pin will make the door less swing-happy.

If your door has a squeak, use the same process to remove the pins. Then, coat the pins in petroleum jelly and reinsert them. The lubricant should stifle the squeak.

  1. Homemade Drain-o

If you’ve got a clogged drain on your hands, and you don’t have a bottle of Drain-o to go with it, don’t fret! You can get the same results with this homemade recipe:

First, pour boiling water down the drain. Follow up with a half cup of baking soda, then one cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain and let the fizz go to work.

If your drain is still sluggish, try using a plunger or a bent clothes hanger to loosen up debris.

  1. Window liners

A drafty door or window can put a chill in your home sweet home or run up your electricity bill, as you try to beat the draft. You will find a number of inexpensive window liners, designed to shut out drafts, at your home improvement store. Shrink film, caulk, or weather stripping will all do the trick.

If your lightbulb shatters while you’re trying to change it, you might be at a loss for how to get the bulb’s stump out of the socket. The solution is so simple, it’s almost comical. Stick half a potato onto the broken edge of the glass and turn the potato just as you would the bulb!

A note of caution, always turn off the main circuit and wear thick gloves when working on your light fixtures.

A responsible Basking Ridge homeowner has a bag full of tricks for dealing with common household problems. Whenever a problem comes up, deal with it immediately. Don’t leave it to languish on the “honey do” list. Quick action can prevent future problems and worry.

How to Manage a Bridgewater Home Makeover on Less than $1,000

How to Manage a Bridgewater Home Makeover on Less than $1,000

You’ve got big ideas for the way your Bridgewater home should look, but you’re afraid your pockets aren’t quite deep enough to fund your taste. Sound familiar?

Before you scrap your design ideas, consider getting resourceful with your Bridgewater home remodeling project. You don’t have to run your home makeover by the books to get the look you want. In fact, you might even be happier with the end result if you rely on your own ingenuity to make your dreams come true.

Get your Bridgewater home makeover going with these 4 money-savers:

  1. Reface, don’t replace.

A new set of cabinets can quickly bust even a generous budget. The material, labor, and measurements that go into new cabinets can add up quickly.

Instead of buying all new cabinets, make the cabinets you’ve already got work with your vision. If you’re really pinching pennies, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your old cabinets. If you’ve got more money to spend, you can order new doors for your cabinets. New doors can completely change the look of your cabinets. The only aspect that will remain the same is the cabinet layout.

  1. Shop remnant sales.

You can save money without skimping on quality, if you know where to shop for raw materials. Kitchen and bathroom designers often have leftover material from their projects. They sell this material to remnant stores, who turn it into an affordable product for other buyers.

Prowl the remnant shops near you for countertops, floors, backsplashes, and more.

  1. Don’t underestimate finishes.

When it comes to Bridgewater home décor, you might say that the angel, rather than the devil, is in the details. By using finishes that harken to the lap of luxury, you can take your Bridgewater home from run-of-the mill to glamorous.

Choose tall, shiny faucets for your kitchen and bathroom. Create the illusion of crown molding by placing regular molding an inch or two below the point where your wall meets the ceiling. Find unique, ornate doorknobs at your local craft store.

  1. Be your own handyman.

There’s a lot to be said for outsourcing the labor of Bridgewater home renovations, and when you’re facing a complicated installation (like a hardwood floor or a new shower frame), you definitely should bring in the pros. But for jobs like painting, moving furniture, or deep cleaning, it pays to do the work yourself. If you have friends or family nearby, you might be able to recruit them to help you out if you offer them a hot meal and a high five after the job is done.

Your Bridgewater home is a big, big part of your life. When you improve your home, you are injecting a little more contentment into your day-to-day routine—and who couldn’t use a dose of contentment? Home improvements also set you up for a bigger payday, should the day dawn when you decide to sell your Bridgewater house. It’s a win-win!

6 Kitchen Features Somerset County Homebuyers Can’t Resist

6 Kitchen Features Somerset County Homebuyers Can’t Resist

With today’s clamoring for open floor plans, the kitchen is becoming and more integrated with family life. In many Somerset County homes, the kitchen pulls double-duty as both food reservoir and social hub—and Somerset County homebuyers eat that up!

Toss some of these features into your kitchen’s mix to wow Somerset County homebuyers.

  1. Freestanding Banquet Seating

Want to offer your Somerset County homebuyers the best of both worlds when it comes to family dinner? Freestanding banquet seating has all the comfort of eating on the couch and the warm, classy ambiance of a traditional family dinner.

Freestanding banquet seating comes in many different styles. Choose a style that blends into the rest of your kitchen, whether that is a sleek, leather minimalist look or a floral patterned throwback to your cottage style.

And the best part? If Somerset County homebuyers aren’t into a sofette at the table, the seating is freestanding. It can be moved to another part of the house.

  1. Built-In Banquette Seating

If you love the idea of banquet seating and you aren’t shy of commitment, go ahead and install built-in banquet seating. Built-in banquette seating offers all the same perks as freestanding banquet seating—and, as a bonus, you can build storage cubbies in under the seating.

  1. Window Nook

A seat under a window is a treasure in any part of the house, but there’s something especially potent about the charm of a kitchen window nook. Imagine brewing a fresh cup of tea and curling up in your kitchen window seat—or looking out over your verdant veggie patch while chowing down on some homegrown salad.

  1. Bar-Height Furniture

Bar-height furniture is one of the quickest ways to, literally, elevate your style. Kitchen furniture tends to run along parallel lines. A light variation in height can please the eye. Plus, Somerset County homebuyers will love the feel of having a bird’s eye view over the kitchen.

There are lots of options for adding bar-height furniture to your kitchen. A bar-height counter, with bar stools, can give a luxurious feel. If you don’t have the funds for renovating your counters and cabinets, you can always pop a pub table in the corner.

  1. Kitchen Island

It may be called an island, but don’t be fooled; in no way is a kitchen island secluded or functionally adrift. In fact, islands often become the kitchen mecca—perfect for food prep, after school snacks, and even family board game nights. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to remind Somerset County homebuyers of all the uses of your island.

  1. Mix and Match Finishes

Who says that white cabinets mandate that your kitchen table should be white? For that matter, who says that white cabinets on one wall mandate that all the other walls should have white cabinets as well?

Break the generic, matchy-matchy kitchen mold, and your kitchen is sure to stand out in Somerset County homebuyers’ memories. Try pairing a cherry kitchen island surrounded by walls of white cabinets. Use an eclectic blend of seat cushions. If there’s any element of your kitchen that you want to emphasize, make it pop by giving it a unique finish.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your Somerset County home’s value before it goes on the market, look no further than your kitchen. Kitchen renovations consistently top the charts for best return-on-investment.

4 Bound Brook Home Improvements that Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

4 Bound Brook Home Improvements that Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

Savvy Bound Brook homeowners think of their Bound Brook home as an investment. Not only do they enjoy their time in their Bound Brook home, they make deliberate moves to improve their home’s value, thereby improving the return they will make on their investment.

If you have access to capital, consider making some of these tried-and-true improvements to your Bound Brook home. You’ll get to enjoy the improvements for yourself, and when your house is ready to go on the Bound Brook market, you’ll have your pick of premium buyers as well.

  1. Kitchen Upgrades

A total kitchen makeover can be a big money sink, and while you may be able to envision the exact layout and finishes of your own dream kitchen, your vision might not line up with the general public’s. It’s easy for Bound Brook buyers to see a gourmet oven and think “that adds $2,000 of value.” It’s not easy for buyers to see your custom display cabinet for your grandmother’s milk glass collection and think, “Another $700 of value.”

Instead of springing for an expensive custom makeover, play it safe with some targeted upgrades. Switch to stainless steel appliances and natural stone countertops. Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be pleased with the result, and Bound Brook buyers will immediately see the value of your investments.

  1. Bathroom upgrades

Follow the same logic as you did with your kitchen upgrades. Don’t buy in to a total makeover. Instead, create wow effect with a few target upgrades.

A frameless glass shower, a stylish new vanity, and fresh grout can transform a Bound Brook bathroom’s vibe without undertaking major structural alterations.

  1. New carpet

There’s nothing more off-putting to a potential homebuyer than crunchy or discolored carpet underfoot. Worse still, old carpet may be trapping years of pet hair, dust, and grime that can cause allergies to flare. The sooner you ditch your old carpet, the better.

  1. Outdoor Space

You don’t have to build an extension onto your Bound Brook home to add more living space for you, your family, and your potential buyers to enjoy. Look no further than your lawn for your new entertainment room!

There are plenty of outdoor options available for upgrades. A deck with a backyard grill or an attractive garden are probably the two options that will give you the biggest return on your investment. If your Bound Brook neighborhood typically attracts families with small children, a pool might be another charming amenity.

Don’t forget to clean up your Bound Brook house’s exterior as well. You don’t want to be looking out at your beautiful lawn through foggy windows or staring at a faded, grimy wall when you’re sitting at your picnic table.

Don’t be afraid to let your Bound Brook home do double duty as both your home sweet home and the biggest investment in your financial portfolio. You can enjoy your Bound Brook home while still keeping in mind that you might want to sell it someday.

How to Budget for Montgomery Twp Home Renovations

How to Budget for Montgomery Twp Home Renovations

Montgomery Twp home renovations can cost as little or as much as you want them to—provided that you have a firm budget on hand before you tear into your house. Be meticulous in thinking through your budget. At the very least, your budget should pass through these 5 stages:

  1. Decide how much you have to spend.

This should be the first step in making any budget. Look at your bank account. See how much you have in saving. Try to forecast your income and expenses for the next few weeks. You don’t want your renovations to leave you high and dry when your next mortgage payment rolls around.

  1. Consider loan options.

As you’re deciding how much you can spend, you might want to consider loan options. Home loans aren’t just for buying a Montgomery Twp home. If you have good credit and you’ve got more than enough money each month to pay your mortgage, you might consider picking up another loan to pump more money into your renovations.

For a one-time project, a home equity loan will treat you well. If you’ve got a long timeline with lots of projects, a home equity line of credit might suit you better.

  1. Divvy up your spending.

Will you spread your budget across all the rooms in your house, or will you focus on transforming one room into the room of your dreams?

Use these numbers as guidelines for the amount of money you should invest in renovating each type of room:

For a kitchen, renovations should cost 10-15% of the Montgomery Twp home’s value. For a bathroom, renovations should cost 5-10% of the home’s value. For a finished attic or basement, renovations should cost 10-15% of the home’s value. For any other room, renovations should cost 1-3% of the home’s value. For outdoor space, renovations should cost 2-5% of the home’s value.

  1. Talk to a contractor.

You know how much you can spend, and you have a rough estimate of how much money you will spend on each room. Now it’s time to hire a contractor, who can lay out exactly how much bang you will get for your buck. Give our team at Five Star a call today!

  1. Add flex room.

Surprise expenses can and will happen to you during your renovation project. Prepare yourself to meet them by building some flex room into your budget. Generally, 2-5% of your total budget is safe coverage for unexpected costs. If you don’t end up needing that wiggle room, you can have a shopping party at the end of your renovations for perks like new throw pillows or artistic toothbrush holders.

Once you’ve made your budget, stick to it. A budget is only as good as your adherence to it. Don’t be derailed by décor-lust midway through your project, or you might run out of funds to see it through to the end.

5 Repairs That Pop Up within 5 Years of Buying a Green Brook Home

5 Repairs That Pop Up within 5 Years of Buying a Green Brook Home

First-time Green Brook homebuyers often have a loose grasp on the responsibilities of Green Brook home ownership. In the past, your landlord has been responsible for repairs and maintenance. A new toilet or an insecticide treatment has been just a phone call away.

When you buy a Green Brook home, you shoulder the responsibility for all its breakdowns—and things will break down. In fact, most homeowners have to deal with all of these problems in just their first 5 years of Green Brook home ownership:

  1. Leaks

Whether it’s a drippy faucet or a toilet that leaves puddles in the floor when you flush it, most Green Brook homeowners will encounter leaks. Not only are these leaks annoying, they can add up to more than just a drop in the bucket of your water bill.

To check your house for leaks, keep an eye on your water meter. Take note of the reading before you go to work. When you get home from work, check it again. If the reading has crept up during the hours when no water was used, you have yourself a leak. A visual inspection of your pipes might help you pinpoint the leak. If not, call in a professional to help you.

  1. Unsightly Paint

Paint is one of the first elements of a Green Brook house to show signs of wear and tear. It can peel. It can fade. It can become discolored from watermarks or mold (if that happens, make sure you deal with the water leak or mold before worrying about the paint). It can become a canvas for your child’s exploration into the world of crayons.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an interior room or even the exterior part of your house. Depending on your square footage, a paint job could be a minor expense or the equivalent of your next paycheck.

  1. Jammed Waste Disposal

Waste disposals are a great tribute to the convenience of modern life—and to its dependency on fallible machines. A jammed waste disposal can be a big, smelly nuisance.

Fortunately, you can probably unclog your waste disposal by following the manufacturer’s manual. (If you threw the manual away, don’t fret! You can find it online). However, if your waste disposal jams frequently or if you notice that it has become extremely noisy, you might be nearing the end of its life expectancy. You’ll have to call in a professional to install a new system.

  1. Nail Pops

It’s amazing how much a house expands and shrinks, due to changing weather conditions, without the owner noticing the change. Nail pops are one symptom of expansion and shrinkage. These mounds appear in your drywall when lumber shrinks and nails protrude.

Nail pops are a fairly easy fix. Use a punch or hammer to push the nails back into the lumber. Then sand the area and repaint.

  1. Cracks

As yet another testament to the fact that your Green Brook home is moving in ways invisible to the naked eye, cracks can appear anywhere in your home. They are most common in concrete structures, like your sidewalk, driveway, or foundation.

If you notice cracks in your Green Brook home, call in a professional to make sure the cracks aren’t a sign of structural weakness. When you get the all clear, you can fill the crack in with caulk or more concrete.

Don’t assume that your new Green Brook house (especially if it’s just “new to you”) will be free of repairs for your first 5 years of home ownership. If you’re lucky, you might be in the home for a few months before the first issue pops up. If not, you might have to jump right into the business of maintaining a home.

3 Warren Home Upgrades You Can Make on a Small to Medium Budget

3 Warren Home Upgrades You Can Make on a Small to Medium Budget

Want to make your Warren home sweet home a little sweeter? There’s good news for you. You don’t have to break the bank to make substantial Warren home upgrades. For $5,000 or less, you can make Warren home upgrades, which will impact both your enjoyment of your home and your Warren home’s value.

So what are you waiting for? Check out one of these 3 Warren home upgrades below.

  1. Customize Your Cabinetry

Cabinets swallow up the vast majority of the wall space in your kitchen, so you want to make sure your cabinets don’t kill your appetite. Dated or dysfunctional cabinets can put a cramp in every meal. On the other hand, a fresh set of cabinets, tailor-made to your needs and tastes, may leave you vowing never to eat out again.

When you have your cabinets custom made, you will get to select your favorite finishes, architectural details, and layout. You can get the white, shaker doors you’ve always dreamt of and finally fill in that unsightly gap in the corner with a corner cabinet. If you’re a foodie with a vast arsenal of spices, or a wine connoisseur with a beautiful collection of vintage champagnes, you can even have spice racks or wine racks built into your cabinetry!

  1. Install a Tile Shower

How would you like to take a daily trip to the spa? With the right finishing touches to your bathroom, you might be able to evoke just such a feeling.

A tile shower elevates the mood of a bathroom to a zen retreat. There’s an endless variety of tiles to choose from. For an exotic feel, you could wrap your shower in a blue mosaic. If you prefer a more mom-and-pop mood, go for subway tile.

Don’t forget to build shelves, or even a bench, into your shower while you’re having it tiled. Sometimes, convenience is the greatest luxury.

  1. Bring Your Living Space Outside

There’s no better way to transform your Warren home into “a breath of fresh air” than to take your living space outside, for a literal breath of fresh air. Don’t settle for a flat, empty lawn. With just a little work, you could have your own outdoor oasis.

If you want a fun, low maintenance space, pick up some hardy flowers, plastic Adirondack chairs, and tiki torches from your local Warren home improvement store. Then, once we are out of winter, invite your neighbors over for a backyard barbeque!

If you fancy spending more time outdoors, plant a lush garden to motivate yourself to get outside. If you’ve got a lot of space and budget to play with, you might even consider treating yourself to a hot tub or gazebo.

Don’t let a limited budget exclude you from the fun of a Warren home makeover. You can always find some changes that will fit within your budget. When you make those changes, you will have the double satisfaction of enjoying a fresh new look and knowing that you spent responsibly!

Redo Your Martinsville Bathroom Without Remodeling

Redo Your Martinsville Bathroom Without Remodeling

When it comes to mini home makeovers, the Martinsville bathroom is the best room to tackle. You can quickly and inexpensively update your space so that it looks dramatically different, and you don’t have to worry about renovation costs or time. Before you start any work, consider for a minute what you really want to achieve in terms of style.

Ideally, your Martinsville bathroom will be a place where you can relax and enjoy some peace. Think about whether you find joy in rich, dramatic tones or whether a simple spa-like palette will soothe you most. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can get started on following tips for updating your Martinsville bathroom without remodeling.


Painting your Martinsville bathroom is one of the easiest and fastest ways to see a dramatic change. If you are looking for a soft and serene look, try soothing tones to offer a sense of more space and light in your bathroom. If you prefer a rich, dark area, warm saturated tones will help you create that mood.


Once you’ve completed painting, drawer pulls and other hardware are the next step in your makeover. You can find hardware at every price point and in an immense variety of styles, and they’re easy to install yourself. If you are looking to recreate a spa environment, nickel or stainless hardware works perfectly, while a richer look can be achieved with oil-rubbed bronze.


The bathroom is one of the easiest places in your home to accumulate clutter, but it’s also one of the most important to keep free from clutter. Organization is important because guests are likely to see your Martinsville bathroom and because when your bathroom is clear of clutter, it can be a truly relaxing place as opposed to an additional source of stress.

An easy and affordable way to create more storage is to use cubbies. Place toiletries, makeup, hair and skincare in addition to any other grooming equipment in small caddies that you can easily pop out and then put away.


Have you ever tried plucking your eyebrows or shaving your beard in poor lighting? If so, you understand the importance of good lighting. While it’s important to have good lighting, you should get a simple dimmer switch so that when you do want to relax in the tub, you have the option of softer lighting.

Replacing your vanity lighting fixture is easier than you think and can have a big impact on your space. Keep the job simple by choosing vanity lighting that covers the same space as the original fixture did. If you do lighting before you do your paint job, you can maximize your lighting options. You may also want to consider a dramatic piece of statement lighting like a pendant or chandelier to add some more style to your space.

Shower, Tub and Sink Faucets

Shower, tub and sink faucets can really make your Martinsville bathroom feel brand new. Look for sink fixtures that offer a bit more height over the bowl and that have length extending into the bowl for the most functional effect. Pick a shower head that you are excited about and that will help you start your day in a good mood. A handheld shower head that ties into the shower arm and can extend from the wall through a hose is an indulgent and very functional option.

Medicine Cabinet/Mirror

It used to be that medicine cabinets weren’t very pleasing to look at, but now there are tons of stylish options to replace your outdated version. You can replace your rusty old medicine cabinet with a simple beveled mirror with a plastic interior that is easy to clean. If you don’t want to replace the whole cabinet, just build a picture-style frame right over your basic wall mirror. Be sure that the surface of the frame is moisture resistant and that it matches the style you are trying to achieve.

Towel Warmer

Even if you don’t have an incredibly spacious bathroom, a towel warmer is definitely an amenity to consider. There are options that come ready to plug-in or hard wire and hang on the wall.

Finishing Touches

Items like luxurious new towels and a fresh bath mat can alter the appearance of your bathroom with virtually no effort. Pick a monochromatic color scheme to increase your bathroom’s style or create a spa-like aesthetic by using all white. You can add detail like monograms on your towels for an ultra personalized bathroom space.

When you want to instantly update your Martinsville bathroom, there are many inexpensive and easy updates that you can do yourself. Think about what type of style you want to create and use the above tips to achieve that aesthetic. A bit of money, some time and creativity are all it takes to redo your bathroom without worrying about a remodel.

Create a Designer Somerville Home With These 9 Affordable Pieces

Create a Designer Somerville Home With These 9 Affordable Pieces

Who doesn’t want their Somerville home to look like it belongs in a magazine? One day you might be able to furnish and decorate a room from scratch and hire an interior designer, but right now you may be working on a tighter budget. Luckily, there are a few small purchases that you can make that will upgrade your home affordably and easily.

Check out the following nine pieces that will help you create a stunning Somerville home.

White Paint

An all white (or mostly white) room is reminiscent of luxurious hotel rooms and light, airy spaces. Pick up some white paint and whitewash some of your favorite decor items such as picture frames, figurines and cases. You can also paint some of your furniture and even a wood floor to help you achieve a monochromatic look. If you have kids or pets and you want to go all white, be sure to keep some extra paper towels on hand.

Canvas Drop Cloth

Step up your all white look by draping a canvas drop cloth over a sofa or armchair for an inexpensive style update. One canvas cloth will run you about $25, which is significantly less than reupholstering or replacing a drab sofa or armchair.

Throw Pillows

If you need a bit more color than stark white, throw pillows are a great choice. You can easily – and inexpensively – add a pop of color by adding some vibrant throw pillows to your furniture. Buy pillow covers for super trendy patterns or colors so that when the trend fades, you can simply remove the covers and toss them.

Pendant Lights

Another way to add some color to your room is by installing a colorful pendant light. Often, you can find these lights for under $80 and they add a bit of unexpected style to your rooms.

Faux Ceiling Molding

Adding this Rococo flair gives your home some interest and makes it look like a historic Somerville home. At under $10 these are a steal and because they are so light, installing your fake ceiling molding won’t do any damage to your back.

Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper is making a comeback, but don’t go crazy with it just yet. Right now, designers love wallpaper covering the inside-backs of bookcases or open shelves for an added bit of interest without being overwhelming. Buy a single roll and place the wallpaper strategically for a stylish update.

Mounted Staghorn Fern

These are everywhere and they’re a fun way to add some life to your Somerville home. The texture that these sculpted plants add to a space is just one of the reasons designers love them so much and you can buy pre-made fern mountings that are easy to install.

Full Vases

Vases filled with items are all the rage right now. Add pinecones to a vase for a fun fall piece or place some Christmas ball ornaments in one for an easy holiday look. You can also place things like wine corks or coffee beans into vases for an interesting visual effect.


Instead of hanging another piece of art, try placing a mirror on your wall. You can frame it for a fun and unique look or group several together to create a gallery wall.

Adding design elements to your Somerville home doesn’t have to break the bank. You just need a little creativity, some inspiration and a few bucks to create a personalized home. Try one of the nine pieces above to give your home designer-worthy looks for super affordable prices.

Extras That Add Value to Your Bernardsville Home

Extras That Add Value to Your Bernardsville Home

If you watch home renovation shows on TV, you can probably list a few home improvement projects that will bring added value to your Bernardsville home in the eyes of potential buyers. Most people will mention the kitchen and the bathrooms first, because those are the rooms that sell a house. However, what should you do if you don’t have the time, patience or budget to do a complete overhaul? Don’t stress because there are things that your Bernardsville home may already have that will increase its value.

Check out these surprising extras that will add value to your Bernardsville home.


They say fences make good neighbors, but they also make a good investment – especially when you consider that homes without fences are typically priced significantly lower than their fenced-in neighbors. However, the style of fence is important. Buyers often pass over a chain-link fence, and some towns are even offering to pay homeowners to get rid of them. For the most added value, stick with natural materials like cedar to bring privacy while still adding curb appeal.

Stainless Steel Appliances

While trends come and go, stainless steel appliances seem here to stay. The quality of the appliances always counts, but even Bernardsville homes listed in more affordable price ranges can benefit from including these in the sale, or by quickly adding them before listing.

Real estate experts say that if the seller were to spend about $2,000 on stainless steel appliances, their home would sell much faster, and they’d probably double what they spend. Most first-time homebuyers don’t have the cash to make these improvements themselves.

Walk-in Closets

No matter how hard you try, there will always be clutter in your Bernardsville home. However, you are far from alone. Because we all have too much clutter, extra roomy closets are a highly sought-after feature in homes. This popular extra may not actually increase your Bernardsville home’s sale price, but it might help you sell faster in competitive markets, which will save you from making extra mortgage payments.

Many real estate agents agree that large or walk-in closets have gone from a desired amenity to an expectation. Add cedar accents or custom storage accessories to make your home stand out from others.

Exposed Brick

Selling a place in the city? Exposed brick is something that many buyers are gravitating towards these days. It adds a sense of character and history to the home. If this is something your home already has, or is hiding behind your sheetrock, expose the brick! It can add to the purchase price of your Bernardsville home. Just be sure to check with your co-op or condo board before you tear open drywall to avoid facing fines that could outweigh any added value.

Original Flooring

Many Bernardsville homebuyers have a wish list that includes wood floors, and if they’re original wood floors, you may have hit resale gold. The most valuable benefit of original wood floors is the fact that any damage can be sanded out and refinished extremely easily.

Formal Dining Room

Even though you may only spend a few holidays sitting around the table, formal dining rooms are making a comeback, particularly among higher-end homebuyers. In Bernardsville homes $400,000 and up, a formal dining room is important. They really want a formal dining room because this usually isn’t their first home, and they enjoy setting their dining room tables and entertaining.


Like a walk-in closet, a fireplace may not directly increase your listing price, but it can boost your bottom line by helping you to sell your Bernardsville home more quickly.

Attractive Trees

You know the saying money doesn’t grow on trees? Well sometimes it can. A study conducted by the University of Washington College of the Environment found that a mature tree in a yard added two percent to a home’s price, while mature trees visible in high-income neighborhoods add anywhere from 10 to 15 percent – especially if they help shade your street.

Attic or Basement Bedrooms

If you consider your attic or basement bedroom to be a quirky feature, you’ll be pleased to know that many potential buyers think an attic bedroom is a great use of this commonly overlooked area of the home. The estimated resale value of this feature was over $41,000, so maybe it’s time to take your attic or basement space seriously. Be sure that you take permitting seriously as well, because a non-conforming bedroom can hurt more than it helps when it comes time to sell.

Smart Technology

While smart technology may not be as fun as a beautiful custom closet, these items can still be attractive features for the next owners of your Bernardsville home. Amenities like a sprinkler system, a high-end programmable thermostat or other green-tech extras can be an asset due to the general movement toward increasing energy efficiency. In a survey by the National Association of Home Builder, buyers responded that they would spend at least $7,000 more on a home if it included technology and upgrades that could help save them $1,000 each year in utility costs.

If your Bernardsville home already has any of the above features, you may be able to increase the list price when you’re ready to sell. Be sure that everything is in good working condition and if you plan to play up the features, make sure they are presented in the best light possible.

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